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Here are some surprising contenders that have been given a thumbs up by nutritionists.

Peanut-butter-spread-jpgOrganic and natural food products are bursting with nutrients and anti-oxidants. But then so are some sinful snacks! Read on..

Cheddar cheese
Apart from being a good source of calcium, “It is also a good source of phosphorous for strong teeth and bones and even promotes brain tissue in growing children,” says sports dietician Deepshikha Agarwal. The zinc content is good for skin, immunity and fertility, riboflavin and Vitamin B12 for energy and Vitamin A for healthy skin and eyes. A cube after a meal will neutralise the acids in your mouth and increase saliva production that helps prevent tooth decay. But its high fat content means you can’t go overboard, says Deepshikha.

Peanut butter
This one is amongst the richest sources of heart-healthy mono-unsaturated fats. Low in saturated fat, it is an excellent source of…

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