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#AceWorldNews – UPDATE – USA:Dec.19 – A US investigation into the hack of Sony’s computer system has determined that North Korea was behind the operation with a possible Chinese link, Reuters quoted a US official as saying Friday.

41561_01_north_korea_could_be_behind_sony_pictures_hack_investigation_underway_full USA: ‘ FBI INVESTIGATION INTO SONY FINDS NORTH KOREA WITH POSSIBLE CHINESE LINK MAYBE RESPONSIBLE ‘

The conclusion is announced later by federal authorities Today. 

The probe showed that there may be a Chinese link“either through collaboration with Chinese actors or by using Chinese servers to mask the origination of the hack,” the official said.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation will for the first time on Friday officially weigh in on the colossal computer hack suffered by Sony Pictures that in recent days has been elevated to an issue of national security.

According to Reuters, the FBI will say that North Korea was responsible for the major breach, but did it by…

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