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“Hey Matt, what is hydraulic fracturing?”

Oh, well I’m glad you asked! Let me dispel the BS the media publishes about the process of extracting Natural Gas from the Earth.  It’s a bit complex, so hold on tight, keep arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. Enjoy.

Simply, Hydraulic fracturing is the process of drilling for natural gas and oil underneath the ground. Water mixed with other components is pumped into the ground to create cracks (also referred to as fissures or fractures) to release the gas into wells that have been built for collection. –Source


There is a long process involved with fracking.  Before, after, and during.  Fracking is drilling down to shale rock, drilling horizontally, fracturing it using fracturing fluid, and sending the natural gas back up for collection.  Along with the natural gas that is collected, another byproduct is produced.  The frack fluid that returns…

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