EMerging Equity

By William Wilson
The Daily Signal

Shinko Securities's electronic stock board nearby Yaesu side of Tokyo Station in March 2009 The electronic stock board in Tokyo’s Yaesu neighborhood. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Kondo Atsushi.

Historically, economics has often driven the narrative surrounding presidential visits to Asia. Consider President Obama’s 2009 trip to China in the midst of the global financial crisis. It gave wings to a narrative about China’s rise and American decline.

The economic environment may be changing again. Only this time, the change is less dramatic and occurring largely out of the headlines.

Over the last four decades, Asia has been home to the world’s fastest growing economies. After a brutal financial crisis and recession in the late 1990s, Asian growth resuscitated and, in 2012, reached an amazing milestone when its share of global GDP hit 30 percent. Asia’s contribution to global growth has been even greater in recent years.

Despite the robust growth, however, there are reasons to believe the regional…

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