EMerging Equity

By Ylli Përmeti

Currency USD

Abstract: This article attempts to show that in the new era of neoliberal globalization on which stands a Transnational Elite, the ‘war’ that characterizes mainly the last four decades or so cannot be reduced to ‘currency wars’: because currencies accompany the general war of the Transnational Elite launched since the dawn of the new millennia. In this war, Russia, regardless of the recent fall of the oil price and of the value of the rouble, from which the West is going to be equally, if not more, harmed, could play a very important role: first, by restraining it, and second, by paving the way for a “New World Order”, based on movements for social, national and ecological liberation.       

Many commentators and “experts” of the international market economy see the recent crisis of the last four decades or so either in terms of “currency wars”,[1] or in…

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