It’s cold outside and you’re snuggled up by the open fire, or your kitchen Aga/stove/radiator. You boil the kettle and pour yourself a steaming mug of tea or coffee. Looking around the cupboards, you realise the multitude of Christmas present biscuit boxes you were gifted, are all gone! Panic takes over, as you realise you have nothing to dip into your hot drink. Craving something tasty to snack on, you dive into the shelf of cookbooks and rifle through the pages. Cake, Cake, Cake..but you have no eggs, because your hens don’t lay many eggs in the winter. What to do???

Here’s the solution: You make chocolate chip cookies.

You don’t cave any chocolate chips? Cut up a normal bar of chocolate into little chunks. Sorted!

What’s that you say? You’re on a diet? These chocolate chip cookies are mini so you can eat more without feeling as guilty…

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