Makeshift cupcake pedestal! Makeshift cupcake pedestal!

This recipe came about as a happy accident!

Mom and I were making chocolate cupcakes one day and realized we were completely out of eggs. Crap! I forget why now, but going to the store was not an option so we turned to Pinterest for help. Apparently, you can substitute 3 Tbs of peanut butter for an egg… who knew?! Chocolate cupcakes + peanut butter= Get in my mouth!   😀

We used a box cake mix, any brand you want. Here’s what we did:

1 Box of chocolate cake mix. Ours called for 1C water, 1/2C oil, 3 eggs. I substituted 1/2C coconut oil, 1/2C plus 1Tbs peanut butter (any kind), and 1C water mix with 1 Tbs of instant coffee powder. You don’t need coffee powder, but coffee and chocolate are lovers that should never part. I promise you can barely taste the coffee…

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