Washington state grows marijuana crops almost as prolific as it grows moss, particularly since legalization of recreational weed last year.  Retail marijuana outlets now are a common sight on our commute to work, complete with their warm glowing lighting, inviting interiors, plush furniture and fancy display cases.  These are not fringy scruffy deadhead establishments but surprisingly upscale.

It has become a brave new retail world for a drug with side effects as varied as the bodies and brains ingesting it.

As a physician working daily with adolescents and young adults in a college health center, there is no question in the last few months retail marijuana is now the cannabis equivalent to the  growing market for artisan beers and local microbreweries.  There are distinct brands and strengths to attract users of all types and needs.  Yet one thing hasn’t changed with legalization: marijuana is not for everyone, and particularly not…

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