current real yield curve rates Jan 29 2015

“Either Bonds Are Mispriced Or We Have A Big Problem On Our Hands”

It’s an all out currency war (alt).  India, China, Singapore, the ECB, Denmark…they are all fighting “to boost domestic economic growth and employment by depressing their currencies, making exported goods more competitive overseas…But currency depreciation also raises the risk of a tit-for-tat race to the bottom, as trading partners seek to outdo one another, only to find gains are limited (read: zero-sum)…What central banks do next is at the top of investors’ minds.”  Meanwhile, the Fed is like, SO BORING you guys: “The Federal Reserve once again left interest rates unchanged at a range of zero to a quarter of a percentage point, postponing a return to what it calls normal rates and reiterating that ‘it can be patient’ in deciding when to begin raising rates.”  Not much to…

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