Already Hungry

Good Morning folks! Now its another cold deary winter morning and you’re in a rush to get to school/work. What’s better than a fast breakfast at McDonald’s (or insert fave fast-food restaurant here!)? Let me tell you, a Breakfast Burrito or some pancakes sound fine about now. And don’t forget their yummy Egg McMuffins! But at the end of the day, we all know eating too much fast food is not the healthiest… so how about instead of hitting the drive-thru, we spend a few minutes to whip up our own quick brekkie?

Last weekend, there was a sale on Thomas’ English Muffins, so I bought a pack. To re-create our very own “McMuffin,” we’ll need a couple more ingredients. Let’s get started!

So good, you just can't stop at one... So good, you just can’t stop at one…

1 English muffin (what actually makes them “English” eh? Life’s mysteries…)
1 slice of cheese (your…

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