EMerging Equity

UKRAINE-UNREST-EU-RUSSIA  SUP1604Another state coup can’t be ruled out in Ukraine, with growing popular discontent, including among the leaders of the last year’s protests, Ukraine’s former Prime Minister Sergey Arbuzov told TASS on Friday.

“It is not ruled out that another state coup might occur in Ukraine,” Arbuzov said following a meeting of the Center for Studies of Economic and Socio-cultural Development of CIS Countries, Central and Eastern Europe.

“Maidan leaders and field commanders are voicing their discontent more and more loudly,” he said.

The current situation in Ukraine is characterized by an atmosphere of fear and repressions, Arbuzov said, adding that “people are afraid to voice their opinion.”

Sergey Arbuzov was the Prime Minister of Ukraine between January 28, 2014 and February 27, 2014 following the resignation of Mykola Azarov. Prior to that, he was the governor of Ukraine’s Central Bank.

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