Ladakh Express

By Abhimanyu Kohar

Before talking about this particular incident, one needs to understand the background of current ongoing situation in former Soviet Union. When Soviet Union collapsed in 1990, there was a treaty signed between NATO and Russia, that Ukraine will neither join Western bloc and nor Russia, it will remain neutral. But Neo Nazi and fascist forces staged a coup against former Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych to include Ukraine in western bloc; so that they can target Russia which was not allowing western nations to attack Syria (more about this can be read in my previous article which I wrote on Ukraine). NATO initially think that they will take over whole Ukraine after staging coup, but pro Russian rebels fought back and they captured whole of eastern Ukraine, mainly Luhansk and Donstek region before October.

Abi Maniv 1

Then in October, there was an agreement signed between Pro Russian rebels and puppet…

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