On February 27th 2015 Boris Nemtsov, a key Russian political leader with a longstanding history of opposing the cronyism and arbitrary crimes of Putin (from backing the Belarussian tyrant Lukashenko to invading Ukraine) was shot dead outside of the Kremlin.

An unidentified assassin approached him on the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge, a mere 200 meters from the walls of the Kremlin shortly before midnight, as he was walking there with his Ukrainian girlfriend. According to “pro-Putin” media, “several people” are responsible for getting out of a car and killing him. Another account states that a gunman fired six times from a vehicle, shooting him in the back.

Curiously enough, the murder happened less than two days before he was to take part in a peace rally against the almost-universally condemned Russian invasion of Ukraine, both in the Crimea and in Eastern Ukraine (in which the proxy “Donbass” army is deployed alongside regular Russian…

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