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Now i’m not insinuating Putin was behind this most recent takedown down of his political opposition, but the track record suggests otherwise [1][2]. With the murder of Boris Nemtsov, former deputy prime minister, the downfall of Putinism seems further off than many believe [3][4].

At a time when the opposition march openly, Russians start to look inward to blame someone for their economic woes and Putin cuts/freezes salaries in his government, tensions are reaching new heights stacking (or stacked?) against him. As the impenetrable Russian winter thaws out, like the statured soviet dictators before him, Putin has shown his game is far from over. Consolidating power with a purge of those who oppose him.

The peusdo-peace agreement in Minsk, has little importance for Russia. For gains have already been made. Swathes of land in Donetsk and Luhansk have been captured. Not forgetting the grip Putin has firmly round Ukraine’s throat, by threatening to cut its…

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