Nina Jobe

A couple of articles about the foreign fighters in Ukraine have been making the rounds that are questionable in content.  I won’t go into details, but will only post the response that was written on Amina Okueva’s Facebook page today:

Statement of the Press Service on behalf of the Dzhokhar Dudayev International Peacekeeping Battalion.

Due to disinformation recently spread by the media about the Dzhokhar Dudayev International Peacekeeping Battalion, we are making available to all parties the following information:

– The Dzhokhar Dudayev International Peacekeeping Battalion had and has no relation to the organization ISIS (IS), or other extremist groups or individuals, but on the contrary, considers them extremely harmful including for Islam, Muslims, and Chechen statehood.

– Our battalion is keeping all of the truce agreements of the Supreme Command of Ukraine; it is not involved in commercial activity; it complies with the legislation of Ukraine, and cooperates with the…

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