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An Iraqi security official claimed that based on documents obtained from several terrorist hideouts in northern Iraqi province of Babylon, the recent deadly attack on Baghdad’s central prison was concocted by former Ba’ath ruling party. The Iraqi security official who spoke on condition of anonymity added that during the raids on terrorist hideouts in north of Babylon , the Iraqi army and Shiite volunteer forces discovered documents showing the close ties between ISIS hardline terrorist and Ba’athist informers who infiltrated the Iraqi army.

“We found letters which ISIS militants wrote to their Ba’athist informers in Iraqi army, asking them about crucial information in order to stage an armed assault on several important 10325_prime_music_ad_test_assoc_300x250-V4prisons across Iraq to free dozens of dangerous inmates,” said the Iraqi official. According to senior Iraqi official due to the fatal security breaches in Iraq’s security system, more than 2000 dangerous convicts escaped the Iraqi prisons, joining…

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