Not What You Might Think

“Saudi Prestige Suffers a Blow in Yemen Fight”

The New York Times, April 3, 2015, p.A1

“Two months after ascending to the throne, King Salman of Saudi Arabia bet his prestige as a new leader on rallying his Arab allies for a military campaign to save Yemen from an Iranian takeover — all under the direction of his son, the new defense minister and chief of the royal court.  The results a week later showed just how big a risk they took.  The Houthis, portrayed as Iranian proxies by the Saudis but few others, have continued their advances despite nine nights of Saudi-led airstrikes.  On Thursday, Houthi fighters captured a presidential palace in the southern port of Aden, killed a Saudi soldier in a skirmish at the border and wounded five others.  Islamist militants, meanwhile, capitalized on the chaos caused by the airstrikes to free a leader of…

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