OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATotal, the French oil giant, has announced the evacuation of all expatriate staff from war-torn Yemen, virtually completing the pull-out of foreign workers in the industry.

Hundreds of other expats, including diplomatic staff, aid workers and health staff, have been withdrawn from the country in the past week as internal strife and Saudi military action have gathered pace.

But the Indian foreign ministry says that an estimated 4,000 of its nationals – about half of them nurses – remain in the country. Airlifts were being readied on Tuesday and three Indian naval vessels and two passenger ships were on their way to the area, a spokesman told the Times of India.

Total said it had withdrawn all expats from Saana and Kharir and that its gas production facilities in Yemen were being maintained only for local power generation and supply to nearby communities.

“All necessary measures are in place…

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