My last post on Defence-in-Depth described a battlefield tour of Oman, studying the Dhofar conflict waged between insurgents and the Sultanate from the mid-1960s to late 1975. Thanks to the declassification of British government archives under the 30 Year Rule we now have greater knowledge of the covert operations conducted during this conflict, in the form of cross-border raids conducted into the former People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY), otherwise known as South Yemen. This has been the subject of an article recently published in the Middle East Journal.

The Dhofar war was a civil war with an international dimension. As noted in my previous post, Oman was reliant on military aid from the UK, most notably in the form of the loan service personnel detached from the British armed forces to command and train the Sultan’s Armed Forces (SAF), and also (from the…

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