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English: Model of the Bushehr Nuclear Power Pl... English: Model of the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant – in the Iranian pavilion of EXPO 2010 Shanghai Deutsch: Modell des Kernkraftwerks Buschehr – im iranischen Pavillon auf der EXPO 2010 Shanghai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nuclear program of Iran Nuclear program of Iran (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps we should not be entirely surprised at this article from the WSJ, citing Russia and China benefiting from Obama‘s deal with Iran. What’s significant is that the WSJ is publishing comments to bomb Iran’s nuclear installations now.

via Iran’s Nuclear Bazaar – WSJ.

As I read this article I pictured the Russian and Chinese leaders laughing hysterically and toasting each other, at Obama’s historic deal.

Let me ask an open question:

Surely, it’s time for ordinary Americans to get wise to Obama’s legacy?


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