McDonald’s Corp.’s recent announcement that it would change its U.S. menu by only serving chicken that are not raised with antibiotics is a sign that executives are practicing a treasured skill: the art to listening. The fast-food chain will also offer milk from cows not treated with an artificial growth hormone, an announcement that coincided with Steve Easterbrook’s first week as its chief executive. The move also comes as McDonald’s [fortune-stock symbol=”MCD”] struggles with the perception that its food is unhealthful at a time when more consumers shift toward options they feel are made with natural ingredients.

Strategic decisions, by their very nature, are complex. Having been a CEO of a $12 billion healthcare company, I can imagine all the constituents who must have weighed in on these menu sourcing decisions: McDonald’s supply chain executives, marketing executives, suppliers, franchisees, as well as customers, advocates for healthier eating, and many others…

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