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Oil and friendship with ISIS: the secrets of Recep Tayyip Erdogan family

It turned out that the Erdogan family receives additional revenues from the sale of Syrian values, illegal traffic of weapons. Moreover, all members are involved in the scheme – father, two sons, Ahmet Burak (he deals with gold) and Bilal, the uncle of President Mustafa, and even Erdogan’s daughter with son-in-law. By the way, it is family that ensures effectiveness of business. But not only family – the Turkish business and intelligence.

The Turkish companies organized delivery of fighters from Turkey to Yemen in the interests of Saudi Arabia. An amazing thing, but this logistics here actually says that the Turkish intelligence worked in the interests of these organizations. If the leader of Turkish intelligence is a man personally loyal to Erdogan, if his son received the proceeds from illegal oil exports, it appears that Erdogan should know…

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